Family Law

Often legal issues within a family present the most difficult legal matter a person will experience in his or her lifetime. My representation of clients in divorce and other family law matters has been some of the most satisfying and challenging aspects of my legal career. My interest in family law dates back to law school where in 1976 I was awarded the American Jurisprudence Award for the highest grade achieved in the family law course. I have served as the Chair of the Sixth District Bar Association Family Law Section and as a member of the Idaho Supreme Court Committee dealing with children in foster care. I have presented various topics to lawyers and non-lawyers in seminars sponsored by the Idaho State Bar Association and the Sixth District Bar Association on diverse family law matters such as child custody and grandparents’ rights to custody and visitation with grandchildren.


  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Contested Divorce
  • Division of Assets, Including Retirement Accounts, Division of Debts and
  • Domestic Violence (Victim Only)
  • Spousal Maintenance (Alimony)
  • Modification of Child Custody/Visitation and Child Support
  • Uncontested Divorce

Paternity (for additional information, please see this article)

  • Establishment of Paternity
  • Defense Against a Claim of Paternity
  • Child Custody/Visitation and Child Support When Paternity is Established


  • Agency Adoption
  • Adoption Alternatives such as Guardianship and Conservatorship
    and Special Power of Attorney
  • International Adoption
  • Interstate Adoption
  • Private Adoption
  • Relative Adoption, including Grandparent Adoption
  • Same-Sex Couple Adoption
  • Single-Parent Adoption
  • Stepparent Adoption (for additional information, please see this article)
  • Termination of Parental Rights

Non-Marital Relationship Termination

  • Same-Sex Couples and Division of Assets and Debts

Grandparents’ Custody and Visitation with Grandchildren

Guardianship and Conservatorship

  • Developmentally Disabled Adults
  • Incapacitated Adults
  • Minors


  • Approved Idaho Supreme Court child custody mediator. Also available to mediate issues of divorce, child support, division of assets and debts, spousal maintenance and related matters.